Legacy XS

Category: Indoor Skatepark
Location: Benfleet

Legacy XS skatepark is a half indoor half outdoor park made of bespoke wooden ramps. It is mainly a transitions based park but also has some street elements thrown into the mix as well.

The outdoor section of the park is quite simle but the ramps are decent size and it features a jump box adjoined to a spine and next to a driveway with a hubba. The end of this course features a bowled edge and corner and also a tall quarter pipe with a vert wall as well.

The indoor ramp section here is small but holds a bit of everything for all types of rider. There is a spine section with back to back mini ramps and a vert extension along side a flat bank and mini ramp that lead into a jump box and a driveway with hubba and kicker gap. The other side of the indoor section features a multi level section with a long flowing bank part lined with a hubba along side a jump box with a flat bank lead up.

Legacy XS skatepark is a nice and simple course but the ramps here are smooth and grippy and there is enough to keep riders of all abilities entertained for a session. If you are in the area it is a good place to come and practise the basics or try and master some of the lines they have to offer.