Four One Four bring experience and provide quality on every installation big or small. Europes leading skatepark designer.

We have provided some of the most successful skatepark and training facilities in the UK. Our team of designers and builders are fully committed to the progression of our sports and use the latest innovations in design, planning and construction techniques. 


Over the last decade BMX and Skate have dramatically changed with each sport developing its own styles. Skatepark design has had to reflect these changes, we are committed to continually coming up with creative and innovative design ideas as well as setting an example as a skatepark designer.

We offer planning services in both 2D and 3D animation. Our clients have found this useful in preparation for funding and planning applications, but the largest advantage of this is it allows us to present designs, and consult with both pro riders and local park users to create an exciting and challenging park layout.

We supply equipment developed for training purposes, Foam Pits and Resi (flexible surface) landing ramps are the stable equipment for learning and progressing tricks for beginners and top level pro riders.


The 3D design process allows us to view many conceptual plans and choose the best option. We use the latest construction techniques to accurately turn the vision into a reality.

Here you can see the concept 3D and the finished project, themed and styled for ‘The Alley’ Skate Area.

To achieve this accuracy we use both a high level of technology, modern techniques, and bespoke hand crafting, something that comes only from experience and practice.

We are able to turn our 3D concepts into detailed CAD drawings and use a CNC machine process, that guarantees an exact component accuracy. This gives a faster on site assembly time and a more exact finish .

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