Flat Bank Driveway

The infamous Flat Bank Driveway, perfect for learning new tricks and perfecting old ones. The Flat Bank Driveway is great for all abilities. All of our street ramps come with the highest grade ply and timber. The professional design has been refined over years of innovating to provide you with the best product on the market. For the top ramps in the game, view our selection below.

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What is a Flat Bank Driveway Ramp?

The Flat Bank Driveway is one of the most iconic and timeless pieces of skatepark equipment. With endless possibilities for trick combinations the Flat Bank Driveway sure is a must grab from our portable ramp range.

Why build your own Flat Bank Driveway?

Own your own portable street ramp just like this Flat Bank Driveway! The kits are quick and simple to build, with clear instructions. Everything is ready to assemble with just a drill driver. We supply full ramp kits flat packed and delivered right to your door. The ramp kits resemble a well-known Swedish furniture store (but you’ll receive high quality skate ramps rather than chipboard wardrobes). Assembling the ramp yourself means we can cut out the costs of our skatepark builders doing the assembly, which brings the prices right down to just the materials and machining.

Why buy portable ramps from 414 Skateparks?

414 Skateparks are quite simply the best skatepark builders creating some of the World’s leading skateparks. We employ the same CAD drawing and CNC machining process we use on our full scale skatepark constructions. This means the machined kit parts have a level of accuracy close to perfection to ensure the kit is assembled correctly. The wooden skate ramp kit is made from very high quality Chudo birch ply with fennol bonded layers. We don’t use any cheaper plywoods in the kits. The 2 x 4 foot timber beams are pressure treated for outdoor use, meaning the strength and longevity is far greater than the usual cheaper plywoods.

Does the Flat Bank Driveway ramp kit have instructions?

To help you build your own DIY ramp, we supply detailed ramp plans with easy 3D illustrated step by step instructions, making building your own ramp straight forward and incredibly satisfying.

What’s in the ramp kits?

The DIY ramp kit will include everything you need: Timber frame work Riding surfaces Steel materials Screw fixings Skatepark coping caps Ramp plans with 3D instructions You won’t need to go out and purchase any other materials!

Street ramp sizes:

Our rails and ledges come in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths Our flat banks come in 2ft, 4ft and 6ft widths. If you require a larger size ramp, please contact us.

How easy is it to build the ramps?

Building one of our portable street ramps is quick and simple. With basic DIY skills, you can have any of our skate ramps up and ready in less than an hour.

Can we build your ramp for you?

Our portable ramps are very easy to build. However, you do have the option for us to build the ramp at an additional cost.

Are the ramps weather resistant?

All the timber beams are pressure treated which increases the longevity of the ramps for outdoor use. The ramp kits come with additional slots machined into the frame. This increases airflow and helps the ramp dry out after it gets wet.

Don’t see the ramp you love?

If this portable ramp doesn’t get you excited, don’t worry! New designs are being developed all the time as we continually expand our range. If you haven’t found the ramp of your dreams contact us to discuss your ideas.

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