Now Open!

Pop on your baggy jeans and head back a couple of decades down to Mwadlands the new indoor skatepark in Peckham, London.

The guys at Palace Skateboards came to us asking if we could conjure up a 90s style skatepark based on ‘Radlands’ the old indoor facility in Northampton and of course we said YES! We smoothed out a few edges mind, there’s no horrible clonking steel (bacon slicer) kicker plates at the bottom of any of our ramps…

If it’s pristine granite ledges you’re into and a huge 6ft Flatbank hip to Backside Nollie Hardflip over Kareem Cambell style – then this is the place! It’s even been featured on Skateline!

Get down there and check out this plywood delight for yourself. IT’S FREE TO GET IN!!

Mwadlands Skatepark
133 Copeland Rd
SE15 3SN